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I will fish anywhere on the Rio Grande river, Falcon, Choke Canyon, Toledo bend,
Brazos river, Trinity river, Colorado river, Richland Chambers Lake, Lake Sam
Rayburn, Lake Livingstone, Lake Fairfield, Lake Buchanan
I will fish anywhere at anytime. This guide service has had more hands on world
record fish then any other guide service!
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Garzilla Guide Service has been
featured on History Channel,
Discovery Channel, and Animal
Planet most recent show was River
Monsters where we guided Jeremy
Wade after alligator gar. Here is a
Picture of the 6ft. 5in. Alligator  
gar he caught with us on rod and
Garzilla Guide Service on Animal Planet Click picture for details
opyright 2009 GarFishingGuide.com
Clips from RiverMonsters
Video clips of actual guided trips from Bubbas Iphone!
Why fish anywhere else?
Garzilla Alligator Gar Guide Service

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We are the number one fishing guide for trophy Alligator Gar. We don't go after
the lake Record,State Record or water body record, We target the WORLD RECORD
, and only this guide Service can claim to have there hands on two different class
world record alligator gar.  If you are looking to go on a fishing trip of a lifetime after
biggest Alligator Gar the Trinity River has to offer , So come fish the Public and
PRIVATE body of water that produces more world record alligator gar then
With Garzilla you can Rest assured that your guide will be highly qualified on the
lake or river you are fishing. We will match you with the guide that has the most
experience where you want to fish. Our combined 55+ years experience fishing will
pay off for you productively and safely. So don't worry about your guide getting you
lost or fishing some where they have never been. Where we fish ,is in our back
We offer trophy gar fishing with rod and reel ONLY.
We guide strictly for pleasure of enjoying the sport with you. You will not just be a
number in and out the door so we can pay our bills. From the time we get your
deposit that money will go towards your trip for equipment,and gear,boat, and
whatever else in the planing of your trip. We truly go the extra mile and put all our
heart knowledge in your adventure. To sum this up. Your fishing trip with us is our
vacation to ,not a job! We want to enjoy the trip as much as you do..
If you are wanting to go after a exotic  fish but don't want to travel half way around
the world, then look no more. We can take you on a adventure you will never forget
rite here on the Trinity River where wild boar, alligator, deer, and game run the
We fish from a custom TRITON boat that will take you any where we need  to go! It
is a 2070 and has plenty of room for every one.
We only offer a limited number of trips per year So be sure and reserve your trip in

Garzilla Guide Service has been featured on many television shows and publications
around the world, including Animal Planet, History Channel, Discovery Channel,  National
Geographic, Outdoor Life, Field and stream are just a few.  
New upcoming TV shows featuring Garzilla Guide Service
Extreme Fishing With Robson Green
In his Extreme Fishing World Tour, Robson will
be spending four out of five months on the road
and travelling over 60,000 miles. From the
Amazon River to the Indian Ocean, and from the
jungles of Papua New Guinea to the plains of
Africa, the nation's favourite fisherman will be
meeting all manner of crazy characters and risking
life and limb to tackle the scariest, most powerful
fish on earth - including Bull Shark, Swordfish,
Tiger Fish and the deadly Japanese Puffer. And of
course he'll be doing it all with his own unique
brand of supercharged Geordie fishing
enthusiasm. It's Robson's most epic adventure yet
- but can he handle it?
way from Brazil to catch this seven
foot monster gar. His show will air
in South America and Mexico.
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We are the original River Monsters Guide Service Specializing in IGFA World Records
For Alligator Gar, Long Nose Gar, and all other Gar species on conventional or Fly
Fishing. Other species we catch are Catfish, Small Mouth Buffalo, Common Carp, Large
Mouth Bass, White Bass.